Lets talk something sweet !

After a delicious meal we all love to relish with a mouthwatering desert. Without a delicious desert we feel that meal is incomplete. In desert menu we prefer to have either ice cream or pastry or a sweet dish. If you are inviting your friends for dinner at home, you should try this sweet dish to surprise them. I bet you will get admiring comments from your friends. Yes, I am talking about a Bengali sweet dish “Nalen gurer Makha Sandesh”.
Homemade sweet dish (Nalen gurer Makha Sandesh)
1 lit milk
Lemon (as required)
Sugar (4-5 teaspoon for 1 lit milk)
Molasses (Nalen Gurer patali)
1. Boil the milk and put lemon juice (as required) to make chana (cottage cheese).
2. Now once the chana cools down, separate it from the water. Drain the water completely.
3. Take this chana in a pan and add sugar and mix properly with hand for 5- 10minutes.
4. Put the pan (along with the mixture) on gas flame and stir continuously for 5 mins.
5. Then add 75g of molasses and allow it to melt. Till then keep on stirring it.
6. Once it melts completely, switch off the gas and allow it to cool.
7. Garnish with kismis and serve the delicious Bengali sweet dish.

Cooker Cake


Hi Friends,

Today I am going to share an easy recipe of a yummy cake which can be made in a cooker. This recipe I have learnt from my mom.


Maida (Flour) 2 cup

Milk 1 cup

Sugar 1 cup

Refined oil 1 cup

Baking powder 2 teaspoon (If baking powder is old put little more)

Eggs 2-3

Milk 1 cup

Vanilla 1 teaspoon

Aluminum foil


Roasted cashew, almond and raisin



1. At first take maida in a mixing bowl and add the baking powder and mix it thoroughly.

2. Heat (little) pan in a gas and put the refined oil. Now add the sugar into the oil and stir it until it dissolves.

3. Now add the maida slowly into this pan and keep on stirring it, so that there should not be any lump in the mixture.

4. After that add the milk slowly and followed by the eggs. Keep on stirring the mixture until it becomes smooth.(approx. 20 minutes)

5. Now add vanilla flavour and mix it properly. (You can also try rose or butterscotch flavour).

6. Finally, add a teaspoon of butter and mix it properly.

7. Now take a aluminum bowl which can go inside your pressure cooker. Grease the bowl with little oil and fix the aluminum foil inside the bowl.

8. Then, pour the mixture into the bowl slowly. Leave one inch gap from the edge so that your cake can get the space to increase in size.

9. Garnish with cashew, almond and raisin on top.

10. Now keep a steel stand inside your cooker and place the bowl on it. After that close the lid of the cooker and place it on gas in slow heat. Do not use the socket and whistle of the cooker.

11. It will take almost 30 -40 mins. In between you open the lid and check with knife whether your cake is ready or not. If your knife comes out easily that means your cake is ready. Now open the lid and keep it on gas for 5 mins.

12. Keep it for cooling and then take out the bowl and the cake will come out easily.

13. No need of Oven. Make the yummy cake and give surprise to your nearest and dearest one. The way I had surprised my hubby on his birthday!!


Isn’t it a good idea??